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Be Sure to Post Your Medical History

The new no-opt-out Big-Brother-friendly timeline feature is a boon for identity thieves, but also for Facebook and its advertisers:

EPIC’s letter also specifically mentions the Timeline “Health and Wellness” category, which suggests that users should update their profiles with life events related to medical changes.  Facebook has partnered with pharmaceutical companies to market drugs and medical treatment to consumers, and EPIC sees a clear—and worrisome– connection.

That IPO is gonna fly off the pharmacy shelves.

Also: Less than two months after settling with the FTC and agreeing to let users opt-in to privacy changes, FB forces massive changes on members.

The article is a must read in its entirety.

Image Conscious Youth Leading the Way

Young people are more image and personal “brand” aware than older folk, keeping their Facebook accounts more private and free of compromising data. Their trust in the truthfulness of social networking exchanges is also much lower. So much for the “a new generation seeks to share everything” waffle.

Here’s the full report.