EnvybookThe Economist has summary of current research into the mood-altering effects of Facebook usage:

the more someone uses Facebook, the less satisfied he is with life.

And here is the root cause, it’s envy:

[Researchers] found that the most common emotion aroused by using Facebook is envy. Endlessly comparing themselves with peers who have doctored their photographs, amplified their achievements and plagiarised their bon mots can leave Facebook’s users more than a little green-eyed. Real-life encounters, by contrast, are more WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).


American Advertising Hell Coming to Facebook

Facebook will expose users to unquittable video ads lasting 15 seconds, wasting billions of seconds of humanity’s time:

The move would also be consistent with the long-term trend toward increasingly pervasive advertising in American culture. Once upon a time, ads in movie theaters were considered controversial. Telemarketing evolved into faxed ads, email ads, web ads, phone ads and on and on.

Maybe some bleating, but the sheep won’t mind.

Facebook Dead End

An article sceptical of Facebook from a marketing and branding perspective. Tying your business and your brand to FB may lead to brand dilution and unnecessary tie the user experience to the FB platform. The historical reference to the outcry over Microsoft bundling IE with Windows is spot-out:

A good ten years ago we were worried about cookies and vendor lock-in, today the dumbed-down herd of sheep won’t even blink when FB sends all their data, browsing and consumption habits to the NSA and their advertising clients.

Platforms and Lies

A lengthy article on the history of the Facebook Platform. The Platform is effectively dead after many rule changes by FB. As with many FB/Zuckerberg ventures, the technical execution was excellent, but in the end it was a scam to make an impression with developers, and promises were reneged on.

Facebook Deletes Anti-PRISM Rally Call

Obama_scan_scamFB has deleted a call for a rally against the NSA-led, Facebook-supported snooping program called PRISM in Germany and deleted the organizers’ account. So: Facebook gathers your data (including your entire browsing history), passes everything it knows about you and your friends to the government, and stifles any opposition against it in violation of free speech. If you’re not part of the sheep herd, it’s time to delete your account.

Here’s the organizers’ twitter account: https://twitter.com/AntiPrismDemo

CIA in Facebook Privacy Settings

It’s CIA priority always with the new Facebook privacy settings:

Facebook CIA Privacy Settings


Now Uncool

The FB state of affairs at The Verge:

  • It’s a chore.
  • “Sharing” was a fad, once cool, now uncool.

At some point, adding these details, like hundreds of photos from a recent vacation and status updates about your new job amounted to braggingforce-feeding Facebook friends information they didn’t ask for. What was once cool was now uncool.

Add to that the recent scandal of FB sharing your personal info with the government (more about that later), and last cool of Facebook may be the cool of a jail cell.

Facebook App Hell

One user experience with a Facebook app (Schoolfeed):

It is precisely these kinds of garbage tactics that app makers should avoid. Not only does it make me despise your service, it sheds ill light on Facebook, as well.

A user comments:

I got an e-mail from a friend today asking me how I know about her school from Japan.

Schoolfeed sent her a message UNDER MY NAME, about her school.

I have since found out that they’ve spammed several of my Facebook friends with messages UNDER MY NAME. I deleted my Schoolfeed account and will NEVER go to their site again. NONE of the messages showed up in my Facebook history so I have to laboriously go to each friend’s home page to find out if they got any messages from me.

Facebook are happy to make a buck and will never answer an email with complaints about these stealth app tactics.

Fancy Hanging with Mom and Dad?

Then continue using FB. What’s worse than having a party with your friends while having your parents around? Facebook fatigue continues to take hold.

Do your Facebook!

Facebook has become a (necessary) chore for many teenagers:

The latest Pew Internet & American Life Project study delves into teens’ growing disillusionment with Facebook. It’s still the most popular social network—94 percent of teenage respondents said they have an active account. But growth has stalled year-over-year. With 90 percent market penetration, that’s not unexpected, but many teens revealed that their Facebook habit has become a chore.